It is said than as a door closes, a threshold to a new and more colorful experience as well opens. It has been a fruitful three-month period for the Ancient Observer, the blog that cradled my humble beginnings as a  novice blogger.

When I started the Ancient Observer, I was totally new to blogging. It was imperative that I get to learn the basics, there were so much things I had to understand and learn to do.

But then, after exposing myself to a number of blogs and through reading numerous novice guides, I was able to somehow get an idea of how blogs work, experience it myself and see its wonders in a different light, in a much more significant perspective.

I’m still nowhere close from being a problogger, but I am learning with each passing day. I know that somehow, someday in the future, Id be able to proudly identify myself as one.

As this would have to be the last entry for this blog, I’d like to welcome everyone to visit and patronize the Spirited Enchanter : GM Raven’s Incantations, which is linked below:


Tons of thanks to all those who took the time to read and reply. I will carry your thoughts as I move into a larger, more challenging space of thought .

This is GMRaven, signing off from the Ancient Observer.