Lol. Its been barely two weeks when Master Zhu and his student Xian debutted with their lip-sync version of The Eye of the Tiger. But the repressed artists in them cannot hold on enough not to shoot another vid. And as their own journey to immortality continues, in their search for the true powers of ZhuXian (Shinngg!), here they are again in ZhuXian: Episode 1, with another bunch of extra artists at the side, haha!

Shedding their talents in the video as well are e-Games CM Jes, CGM Hanya and ZhuXian CM Mei Yan. :3

And these ZhuXian videos arent very much scripted, I must say. Once, I overheard Cabal CM Psybot saying that the videos were taken because wla lng napagtripan lng. hehe

Anyway, just tune in for Zhu Xian Episode II. :D

Who knows, I just might have my own shining moment (or something like that, haha!) .