At times I would wander in the vastness of nowhere in search of cooler things to experience. A walk in a park or in a unique, colorful place, is always a refreshing thing to do, a powerful destress. This is fairly essential, I must admit, in the life of a Game Master, as a weekly trip to somewhere nice and comfy could mean sheer moments of concentration and purification ( and I swear I was badly in need of some ).

But like always, doing the same thing and going to the same place over and over again is boringness at its best (lol), and boringness just dont run my life :P .  And so I’ve decided, that this time, I’ll stroll the world with a companion , and I literally thanked heavens, for I think I’ve just met the coolest pet of my life, haha!

Meet Carlo. The cutest Ranny Bear you will ever find.

Born in the New World where everything is magical and pure, cutesy carlo sprang forth into existence in a  wonderful fashion, but his origin was too sacred that even I, his master, cannot publicly disclose. =P

Nevertheless, he deserves a normal life, notwithstanding the unusual circumstances that surround his birth. At one point, the world is in dire need of the cuteness that abound in this creature, and so ive decided that the world should know of his existence, and  took him for a walk in a place he would most probably enjoy – in the verdant glades of the Mystic Peak Campus.

Boy oh boy, he’s already got fans!

It’s a good thing that, like his master, Carlo loves being with people. He cannot speak English or Filipino though (I think he’s too young for that :D). But I guess his cute li’l actions are enough to leave those fortunate spectators devastatingly awestruck. Sry, but he cannot sign autographs yet. ^^

I don’t really know much about what goes on within his mind, but im pretty much sure he’s got emotions too. ‘Cause he can get shy,


or even sleepy…

Indeed, I am yet to understand what it takes to raise him up so he would grow well. And the road ahead for the both of us is still a long way to go…

Into the New World!

But at this moment of time,the both of us we can only wonder, what other adventures does this world hold in store?