There always are a lot of things going on around e-Games, be it in-game, in the forums, or even in the e-Games office, and so discussions about everything e-games simply never end.

Some fast and random updates on several things:

Just last Saturday, the the Girl Gamers’ Meeting was held right here at our office in Makati.

Altogether with CMJes, GMFaiga and GMPhryzea: the Girl Gamers are on the loose!

In the focus group discussion, some of the concerns of our girl gamers were voiced out, while the community game masters, together with CM Aethrin and e-Games CM Jes clarified some of these issues and added some updates on the events and happenings in our games. Composing most of the attendees are Ran, Cabal and Granado Espada players.

Our girl gamers in the focus group discussion

One of the most significant agenda of the FGD was to hear about what they have to say about our games and about themselves – their playing style, their various gaming preferences and most importantly, their suggestions for the improvement of our games.

And of course, no e-Games event is held without freebies. The girl gamers who have sacrificed their precious rest days were given cd installers, posters and some cool in-game items. Here’s a pic with the CGMs happily distributing some give-aways:

And again, they’ve asked for the GM Signatures

We would be conducting FGDs again in the future, so better watch out for the announcements.

More e-games updates, after the break.

In the forums and in our blogs…

I was logging in to the e-Games community forums and laughed for sometime when I’ve noticed that my display name was changed to “CGM Raven” (parang “si GM Raven” lng…tapos si GMFaiga, si GM Chromium, si GM Makadesh… haha!). But anyway, I think its high time that the e-Gamers get to distinguish the Technical Game Masters(abbreviated as TGM ) from the Community Game Masters (CGMs). Though both are called GMs, their scope of work and responsibilities are different. Im planning to write a full article on what the Community GMs do, and what we really dont. :D

If you wanna see the updated list of the Official e-Games Staff, click the link below:

The Official List of e-Games Staff

Meanwhile, we’ll be changing the over-all look of our community blogs anytime soon. We’ve just been given our own e-games domain names (mine’s and are currently migrating our posts into the new one. Atm, Im having technical difficulties importing mine from here to the new one, but I hope everything will work out fine (sayang nmn ung malulufhet na comments!! T_T).


Ran Online will get updated with the Thanksgiving patch today ( manual patch linked here ) and announcements about the events for Halloween will follow soon. As a reminder, run the Thanks Giving manual patch only after the scheduled maintenance today, as running it beforehand would cause errors on your game client.

Also, the Event Shop actually started to open yesterday (as opposed to earlier announcements of it opening today) to avoid delays in the processing. +9 item upgrades, RV upgrades, school transfer and name change services are already available.

Similarly, Dance Battle Audition patches today to give way to cool additions to the game features including the FAM Battle mode, the Club Dance 2 Game mode and the Love Party. Also, the CGMs will continue conducting Intro to Halloween events across the game servers to pave the way to a scary halloween party!

Cabal Online, on the other hand, has already launched its Halloween Super Pumpkin event and its trick-or-treat item galore since yesterday. Halloween Costumes, Head gears, and Weapon Skins are now available in the CABAL Item Shop. For the detailed information of the updates, visit the Cabal Community Blog Site.

Giant Pumpkins invade Nevareth!

Lollilops always give me tootchaches, haha!

Meanwhile, in the majestic mountains of Kunlun, ZX CM Mei Yan sets off into a Journey to Immortality…