In the final clash between the top two Ran teams in the world, the whole of SMX Convention Center stood watching in gleeful excitement as Team Philippines and Team Malaysia battled it out in the championships match.

And then it began. Team Pinas took out the first win in the best-of-five championships match, energizing the crowd the very instant.

And then the second match followed. In a swift 30-second* battle , the flawless strategy that took Team PH to their current spot proved fatal, pwning the four competitors dead in the ground, ensuring them a very nice lead, and reinforcing the wild cheers which dominated the hall.

The third match so ensued with too much anticipation of Team PH’s victory, but ended up otherwise. The representatives from Malaysia certainly did not leave their precious land unprepared – they weren’t here for vacation anyway, they were here for an intense fight.

And quite surely, for their second straight victory (in the fourth match), they showed the whole spectators and all of the Philippine Ran community that Team Malaysia is a force to be reckoned with. They are after all, the Assassin GRGL team, both feared and respected in the realm of Ran Online Malaysia. Heinous assassins, in their very own rights.

So the championship battle went 2-2.

All for the glory of this

The fifth and final match occured therefore. And in the battle that decided everything, hearts stopped and breathings paused. Philippines had the first casualty, but they were able to knockdown one of the enemies to safely bring the match into three against three. And so, the final match took its course…

But then, it was fated. With the final blows delivered, the last spells casted… with the ultimate swing of the sword, and with that winning assault of the arrow, team Philippines rose triumphant, sending all into a marvelous frenzy for a well-earned victory.


October 4, 2008.

SMX Convention Center. Hall 5.

The Ran Global Tournament was a much-anticipated gaming event of the year. Being host to the 2nd RGT was both a privilege and a challenge to e-Games PH, as all eyes are set into us, and all are just as curious as to how the 2nd RGT would surpass the first.

The gates opened at about 9:45 am, and with it came the long queues of players most of which wore red shirts, obviously to support Team Pinas. The vividness of the color red painted an atmosphere of sheer bloodbath, a signal of an imminent battle that lies ahead.

Now thats what you call a queue!

Hosted primarily by the joint awesomeness of SAM YG and the lovely Ms. Cheska, they did the hosting while alternately roaming around the whole of the hall to interview some of the players and see what events are on-going.

Cool Beings!

Of course the event didnt push through with only the Ran Global Tournament at the event list. Other activities, both in-game and offline were conducted, pouring down prizes in all forms.

And although we had some technical difficulties in the course of the event, that didnt hold us back from proceeding with most of what has been scheduled.

Anyway, here’s the official video of what took place in the 2nd Ran Global Tournament:

*That voice you hear at the background is GM Chromium’s*

The event had me quite burnt out at the end, but the ones which take our time and effort, I believe, are mostly the ones which leave the fondest memories. Below are some of the best things I would remember about the event:

1. Team PH’s Victory

Of course that’s the first on the list. We may not have gone all crazy in celebration of their victory to dance like monkeys in the stage, and we may not have spilled Congratulations Team PH!!! in-game every hour, every minute, every second after the event, but certainly, in the bottom of our hearts, we are truly happy with their victory. It was like all of the efforts of every departments did not go unrewarded.

Yes, Strong! Cheeseburger nmn jan! Burger! Burger! :D

Quoting myself in what I wrote in the forums: (hahaha)

” With all honesty, its one of the greatest pleasures for a Game Master to see their players as they battle it out in an international competition, and seeing them win in the championships is just absolutely priceless.”

Quoting Carlo in their interview with Press Inkslinger and Press Vesteria when asked about his message for the Ran Community:

Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng sumuporta sa amin hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang oras ng aming laban. Nang dahil sa inyo, nagkaroon kami ng lakas upang lumaban pa at magkaroon ng shot sa title. Maraming salamat sa buong staff ng e-Games sa pabibigay ng tiwala samin. Kung kami ay mapagbibigyan ng pagkakataong muli na mai-represent ang Pilipinas sa RGT, aming ipinapangako na gagawin namin ang aming best upang manatili sa Pilipinas ang karangalan.

O M E G !, I just fell off my chair! hahaha. Ang laliiiimmmm!!! :D

And Vincent, when asked about what it feels like to be the new RGT Champs:

Paulit-ulit kami ng sinasabi nila Carlo na parang di naming lubos maisip na nanalo kami. Kasi naman 0-2 (sa eliminations).Tapos bigla pang nag-number 1. Siguro ang gwapo ko kasi kaya nahabol. Hahaha!

Sige na nga, pagbigyan na. :P

If you havent read the hilarious Interview haha, you can read it at his link.

Again, congrats kay kuya Vincent na mas matanda pa kesa sken; kay Carlo –ang batang maraming naaalala; kay Kevin na ililibre daw kami ng barbeque at ice tubig; at kay MJ na busy kakabantay sa kanilang spot. :D

2. The Coolest GM Jackets

Bringing down to real life what can only be seen in game must have been the very inspiration when these jackets were conceptualized. Honestly, at first I kind of thought it was too large for the minuteness of me (hahahaha) that I even had to tuck it in (geez). But later on, I have gotten to appreciate the whole of it, and even now as I blog, haha, I am wearing my jacket on. Never got to thank CM Jes for pushing the project through tough, but I guess she would be reading this anyway. Haha. <3 et Boss!

Sorry, but you can’t buy those in the supermarkets! :P

3. The Secret Magpie Hunt Event

I was tasked, (together with GM Lyle ) to facilitate the Secret Magpie Event, an in-game event wherein you play with a partner and the two of you represent a single school and hunt down those hapless birdies in an effort to have more Magpie food (the ones that the magpies drop ) than the players representing the other two schools. The participants may also choose to just PK the other players, because killing them would make their Magpie food void and null. :D

The event ran from about 10 am to 7 pm, and the winners were given gift vouchers containing hoverboards and in-game costumes.

Anyway, I have to thank the other two people who were also there to man the event. (You know who you are! :D). Sa uulitin!

4. The Merchandise of a Lifetime

Those +9 treasure blades must be deadly.

Manufactured with love and knit by golden hands, these cool merchandise stuffs are always best-sellers. For the fun of it, I could buy one of those Shaman Backpacks, but since mahirap ang buhay ngaun, haha and because I wont be needing those treasure blades, I’ll just leave those for you. My eyes are glued to the special Ran GT shirt, anyway.

But speaking of the Ran GT t-shirt, I just went to our Sales department to procure one just last Friday. And quite a disappointment, the one in-charge just told me they were out of stock. Nyay, Naubos!!!

Maybe I’ll just beg someone in the office to spare me one in exchange for three days of servitude. Hahaha.

4. The Short Interview. LOL

There was a short break when the internet connection went down, and the others who were in my company have to take their breaks, leaving me behind in solitary existence hahaha (I already had my break during that time, so the time was theirs to sit down for a bit). Slumped into the floor watching the RGT, I turned to look at my right, and then i saw them haha…both of the hosts, together with the man handling the video coverage. I immediately stood up, but, I guess they already saw me sitting in the floor. So the lady host, being the aggressive yet lovely vixen that she is, asked me frankly,

“Is the event here finished? ‘Cause it looks like your already taking yor rest in the floor, Haha ” (I guess she was just being comedic, as she was laughing when she said that.)

To which I quickly responded, “Actually, we got disconnected. So we have to take a short break. But we’ll resume once the connection is ok.” (My statements were something like that. :3 )

“Anyway, what really is important is that our gamers are enjoying the event,” blah blah says Ms. Cheska.

And then just when I thought they were done with me, my eyes met Sam YG’s. And though short was that moment, I already knew this guy was up to something nasty! Hahaha. (There was that dirty look in his eyes, I swear!)

“Hey, I just want to ask you one thing.” says SAM YG.


“Are you planning to make it out in the show business?”

And I was like “What in the world?”

Haha, I could have answered more provocatively, but I just said “None. Haha.”

Suddenly, with the wildest grin I ever made in years (ngiting abot tenga yata ang tawag dun, lol) I just had a new idol. ‘Cause not only is this SAM YG guy excellent in hosting, this dude surely has got taste! Hahahaha!

6. Mocha’s Performance, the Parade of the Calendar Girls and GM Hanya’s Rise into Fame

Jaw dropping. Devastating. Extremely Exhilirating.

Whew! I could use all the adjectives I know of but nowhere would I be near in describing just what those moments really felt like. Haha!

Those moments of fantasy started with the Calendar Girls’ catwalk in front of the swarm of Ranatics, which obviously made the crowd shout like there’s no tomorrow. After that, the trailer of the 2009 Ran Calendar Girl was played in the screen, which ultimately led into a deafening roar of wild cheering.

As usual, Ran Online always has the hottest calendar girls in town

And then Mocha followed suit. Together with her best talents (lol), they performed a rather long dance number. After that, she took the time to personally acknowledge the other members of her dance group.

But then, the pièce de résistance was just about to come.

Mocha invited some of the hottest* Ranachics to the stage, including a girl gamer, an e-Games Community GM, the cute representative from Korea, and haha, quite voluntarily the Premiere Audista, CM Lowe. Each had their own moment of stardom, but one of them certainly shined the most.

Ok, ok, we all know they’re super-duper hot, but what is* Mocha and her girls and the REST of the Calendar Girls compared to the rising phenomenon that is GM Hanya ? With barely her own guts she stood, and like a superstar she came down the stage. (wag nio nang itanong kung magkano binayad sken ni GM Hanya para isulat `to. Hahaha. )

HAWT is an understatement

7. The GM Passport Event and the Poster Signing Sessions

I wasn’t included in the GM Passport/Posas Da GM event, but that did not provide me invisibility from the piercing visions of the wandering Ranadiks. At almost every turn, I think Ive said, “Hindi po ako kasali jan”, “Wala po yung pangalan ko jan..@_@ ” Lol. But I must say, they all have the motivation, cause not only do they get to meet some of the GMs IRL, they also got the chance to win some of the in-game prizes in the roulette.

That’s the elusive GM Drone flanked by fans. :3

When most of the players were done with the passport event, when they got hold of those Ran posters, some of them went to get the GM authographs. And like always, I wanted to be creative, so I did variations of the messages I wrote. :D

It feels so good that people show you signs that they appreciate what you do for the community, ‘coz these encounters are the very motivation that drive us to improve.

GM Boom and er, his angels?

8. The Victory Jump

So who gets the Best GM Victory Jump Award?

What cooler way is there to celebrate victory than to jump in immeasurable glee?

Just right after the event, we were so hyped up that we literally played around the stage – posing, jumping and even modeling! Good thing our nasty little playing around didnt break the stage, cause if so, then one of us would have been left there to serve and clean the whole of SMX until the service pays off the damage costs, (probably GM Chromium, kasi career , hahaha!) :D

From left to right, that’s GM Raven, GM Bane, GM Amethy, GM Faiga, GM Makadesh and GM Chromium.

Some random pics:

Audi CM Lowe in Beat Up mode while aboard the life-size hoverboard

GM Makadesh brings his superior moves to the real-life dancefloor!

GM Amethy’s Unli Megaphone. For sale @ 1K US Dollars . hehe J/K.

Anong kaguluhan to? GM Ryujin and The Bouncer, in tandem, while regulating the participants for the Palayok ni GM Amethy event.

A victory for the country’s pride. Nah, we’re not singing the national anthem. :P

The event went on with too much activities that it really drained out all the energy in me. But what is a single day deprived of comfort for all the wonderful memories the experience would bring in exchange? More than anything else, I was glad and fulfilled at the end, and that, my friends, is enough for me to hope for more of these events in the coming years. ^_^

Thousand Thanks to all those who participated and See ya next event! =D

[ The only thing that I hated about the RGT, is that it gave me a pimple. Haha! And quite a noticeable one… Dang. ]

Photos courtesy of:

E-Games Creatives