So now we have yet another month-long event for Cabal, and this one’s going to run from  October 7 to November 4.

This one’s called the Level Progression Event, wherein you basically get to be rewarded a number of Core Enhancers simply by progressing and attaining a number of target level-ups.

Here’s a table showing the rewards you would get if you would be able to achieve or get past the target level progression:

The details of the event, after the jump.

 Say your level’s 118 at the start of the event, therefore according to the table, you must reach at least level 126 (six is your target level progression) in order to win the event prize for that specific level range, in such case, six Core Enhancers (High).

But the fun just doesnt end there! Those who would be able to reach the Lvl 170 Cap will each receive five Core Enhancer (Highest)  and a Crystal RW3 Astral Bike that lasts for fifteen days and which binds to your account. 

So what in the world is at stake here?

That’s GM Nosferatu on top of the awesome Crystal RW3 Bike.

Dont you just love to get a ride on that?