After all those days of choosing which theme to change into, ive finally decided to use the Connections theme to give the Ancient Observer a fresh new look. The choice wasnt easy. Somehow I have been used to the astounding effect of the Chaotic Soul theme, and my widgets and other sidebar stuffs were all suited to the said theme. However, I guess I have to somehow change into something lighter, that if I look into my blog for sometime, the mere glance of it wont burden me or take the willingness to think and write out of me.

I needed to rearrange and remove some of the widgets in the sidebar as well, to make the blog look more neat.

Oh well, nothing too fancy ’bout this post though, just wanted to say hello to my new theme. :D

So there you are, I give you – the new Ancient Observer! 

Hope you could still find some time to read my posts. And please do keep those replies coming.