The e-Games Community Managers.

The people behind the events, the forums and the strong e-games community. You may have seen them facilitating in-game events, hosting on-ground activities, answering queries in the forums , posting announcements and all those stuffs, but have you ever wondered what lies beyond the cool names, the unique outfit in-game , and the cheerful persona they typically display?

Providing light to a thousand of questions is Game! Magazine’s October issue. With an article featuring four of the coolest e-Games CMs ever, Game! Mag peeks into the lives of our Community Managers . In a short interview conducted by Pepper Laforteza , Ran CM Jes, Audi CM Lowe, GE CM Veya, and Cabal CM Jay, shared a bit of their experiences, talked about the joys and hardships of their profession, and provided words of wisdom for those who plan to enter the online gaming profession.

The e-Games CMs: Never Too Tired To Serve

So grab a copy now!