I was updating my entry about Ken Hoang when I heard a familiar but distinct voice: “Aba, may blog na ren sya!”

Turning ninety degrees, I saw Sir Jason , and not quite thinking, I said: “Matagal na kaya ‘to Sir.”

Sir Jason Tomas, CM Lowe as he is famously called, is certainly one of the jolliest person you’ll ever get to work with when you’re in e-Games. Downright dynamic and bursting with energy, Audition PH’s Community Manager may frequently be seen in the office wearing his signature beam, taking rounds while simultaneously performing his comical antics and checking out if everything’s working fine for Audition DB.

At the sight of Ken Hoang’s picture, he inquired “Ikaw yan?”

“Haha, hinde, he’s an international gamer.”

“Ano nilalaro niya, Audition?” *chuckles*

“Haha, hinde. He plays Nintendo.”

“Ah, console gamer.”



“Wow. Ganda ng Blog!”, he commented.


“Kaya lang ‘pag nagsusulat sa blog wag masyadong seryoso, baka maging writer ka na niyan.”

“Minsan kasi yung ibang mga posts, kelangan seryoso.” :D

But I have to admit, he’s quite true. The Ancient Observer is set in a dark background, which tends to suggest an initial impression of graveness, as opposed to a blog with a light theme, wherein the background alone could establish a carefree, warm ambiance that usually draws viewers to read.

“Pero alam mo, ang talagang gusto ng mga gamers, yung mga tipong kinukwento mo kung ano yung nangyari sa in-game event mo…”

With that, I instantly agreed.

And then at that moment I was able to say “Sir Jason, visit mo naman blog ko, yung sayo binibisita ko lagi.”

“Haha, kya pala may blog visits ako.” he joked.

“Uu naman, nabasa ko nga yung entry tungkol dun sa sakit.”

Hahaha. We both laughed.

And quite swiftly, he was out

And the conversation ended. :D