When every geek-blooded gamer in the world is busy tapping some buttons caring about nothing but the treasured console, a superior stood proudly and set out for an expedition in Africa – to accomplish a feat that will grant him one million US dollars and the prestige for proving how professional gaming skills and mastery of mind games can pose a threat to the most powerful and most agile of competitors.

A five-time Super Smash Brothers Melee international champion and dubbed as “the King of Smash” in professional gaming circles, the 22 year old Ken Hoang, who lives in Westminster California, has been playing computer games since childhood, and has lived life continuously doing so. In fact, he was able to support his family by the winnings he got from the gaming competitions.

Believing himself capable of becoming a Survivor, Ken cites his experience in working under extreme pressures and expertise in mind games his weapons in Survivor: Gabon. He relishes in the fact that his not-too-muscular physicality and geeky persona would make him an underdog, leading his competitors to think he’s not a threat,  securing him a spot in the final two, and ultimately giving him the needed chance to deliver the deadly finishing blow he normally executes in the end of the game.

Also an art-loving , determined adventurer, Ken loves the fact that a gamer like him is able to let the world witness a new kind of cast away in Survivor, plus the fact that this adventure in Africa is really a whole new experience for him. He quips:

“I’ve never been to Africa, whole new experience, I already got like 12 bug bites, it’s just the bugs are so attracted to me, they never had fresh gamer blood before. They are calling all of their friends and telling them to get this, it’s rare.”

The pro-gamer in the flock of eighteen mighty warriors is set to fight the greatest battle in his life. But will his champion moves and strategies allow him to get past his rivals? Or will it prove insufficient to finish the race and spell his worst Game Over?