Set in a dysfunctional company office wherein a supposed hidden camera (placed into the coffee vending machine) records the conversations and encounters of the company’s regular employees, this hilarious situational comedy tv show is a huge global hit.

The show originated in France in 2001,  and has has been exported to other countries with remarkable success. Camera Cafe has been localized and has been broadcasted by tv networks in countries including Ireland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia etc.

The Philippine adaptation of Camera Cafe is being televised by GMA-7 and QTV-11 and is being majorly sponsored by Nescafe.

The great thing about Camera Cafe is that it is able to capture the uniqueness of the Filipino culture by presenting diverse topics akin to our kind, from the use of the Filipino language, to the excessive addiction to Filipino foods, to the things you would normally see in the office up to the deterioration of the Philippine educational system – while delivering the message in a very humorous way. The cast dont include personalities you would usually see in primetime shows, but nevertheless have showed outstanding acting abilities.

Runs every weekday in GMA-7 at about 8:35-8:40 AM.

A lot of other episodes are available in youtube. You might want to check them out. :D