1. With the world migration, will there be server lag issues since there are more players in the server now?

Currently, our servers have only been utilizing between 6%-31% of its total capabilities. Lag can be a result of many issues, such as low spec graphic card or CPU, local ISP (Internet Service Provider) re-routing issues etc.

Furthermore, the new servers that we will be migrating to are far more powerful with its new hardware and system upgrades. We conservatively estimate that the utilization of the new servers after the world migration will not be likely to exceed 30% of its total capabilities.

2. What will become of Colony Wars after the World Migration where other powerful factions reside together in the new world?

Colony Wars will only become more challenging. Rivalries and competitions, all of which are vital elements in making each faction better. No longer would a single faction dominate the entire map allowing for a better balance of power and privileges. Factions will also have to stay on their toes and keep up with the others. All these would only mean a heightened energy level and tension within the GE world, making it so much more exciting to play.

3. Will there be a shortage of monsters and raids due to the additional families?

IMC has programmed Granado Espada such that monster spawn rates are directly dependent on the number of families in each map. The system detects the number of families in the map and automatically adjusts the monster spawn rates accordingly. The more families in the map = higher spawn rate.

One of the reasons why we have chosen to do the world migration just before the launch of V2.9 expansion is because the *new expansion for V2.9 has various instanced missions and raids. Instanced missions and raids mean that you will be able to participate in missions and raids that are exclusively to you and your party members, without the interference of external parties – this ensures that having additional families in the New World will not affect the outcome.

*In addition, 3 additional Super Fight maps (3 timings for each map), 3 Cooperative Missions, Secret Tower Raids, Reboldoeux Culverts Raids and new additional PvP maps like Royalist VS Republican Faction Fights which give additional EXP buffs as rewards will be coming out in V2.9 launch which is tentatively scheduled on 16 October 2008, Thursday.

4. What additional benefits are there for World Migration?

a) Improved World (Server) Monitoring

With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, this would free up more time and resources for Game Masters to physically log in and out to check on the different servers. They will also be able to work more closely with players who have provided them with information to perform periodically checks on parties using 3rd party software.

b) ~50% Shorter Maintenance Time

With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, maintenance time is estimated to be shorter by around 50% bar any major patches or ad-hoc events. We believe that this exercise would enable us to have a quicker response to feedback and a more efficient and focused service to our valued gamers.

c) Community Bonding

An online game revolves around its community. The larger the community, the more vibrant and diversified it becomes. This is our aim when we set off to conduct this world migration. We believe that it will do the community good in the long run.

d) Longer Duration & More Frequent In-Game Events

With more resources, we can conduct more fun-filled events and be assured of better attendance. In the past, we often have to conduct in-game events world-by-world. This often means that some worlds would have to wait for their turn. With fewer worlds, we can now hold events that are of longer durations and at a more extensive manner.

*Based on V2.9 Secret of the Culverts patch notes description. More details will be released soon.

* * *From CM Aethrin