Thinking back into the days of the old forums evokes wondrous memories of our community’s colorful past. So for this entry, I’ve kind ofa digged into the very memories of the old Community Chit Chat section to discover the lost treasures of the not-so-forgotten ruins of the CCC.

Sino nga ba tlg?

Sino nga ba tlg?

I do not know the exact reasons as to why many are really into knowing the real life, physical identities of their favorite GMs, but this popular topic simply shows how much players care about how GMs look like IRL (lol. 1716 replies, 12399 views!). Although the faces of the other GMs would be left to your wildest imaginations, time will come when the CGMs would be officially launched – and that means they (or we :D ) would be exposed to the general public, for everyone to see.

Are you up for the challenge?

Are you up for the challenge?

A thread which earned such a great following as well, is this provocative topic by Ayame Yokomi, a thread that literally challenged the wisest and most mentally adept of our e-gamers. Those who answered the questions given out by the Thread Master, accumulated points, and their glorious names were proudly scribed into the thread’s Hall of Fame.


Would she care to sign some autographs? :D

What could be more interesting than having your own monument built somewhere in the busy corners of the CCC? The perpetually lovely Countess KatX sure isnt just a Forum Moderator, she is a certified forum hawt chic ! She has her own Fans Club thread created by her number one fan, Count AshX, whose name has got some pretty nice resemblance with hers (looks like they share more than just a commonality hahaha! ) Oh well, unlucky for me I wasnt able to be part of it, but given the opportunity I would surely join. The question is: would the great Countess Katx care to sign some autographs? :D

ME needs to be continued...

Chain and game threads have always been immensely popular in the Community Chit Section (and it continues to be in the present forums), but this thread just took it to the next level. Pretty nice thread.

Certainly not a thing of the past?

Certainly not a thing of the past

And who says slumbooks are only for the kikay schoolchildren? This thread has proved the contrary- slumbooks, those freaky little notebook you share to your friends for them to write on, are still hip these days. Cause aren’t Friendster, Multiply, Facebook and Myspace but mere electronic innovations of the colorful slumbooks that dominated our youth? Good thing this thread doesnt speak of Love is like a rosary that is full of mystery. ^^

And the e-Games forums is full of Mr.DJs too!

And the e-Games forum is full of Mr.DJs too!

Love is always in the air, even in the e-Games forums. And although much has been said about the joys and sorrows of loving (eeew!), threads such as this will continue to fill the pages of CCC- for sure.


No this is not the Real Life Pics thread!

The Filipino folklore, undoubtedly, is richly filled with terrifying tales of the asuangs, the ghosts, the tigbalangs, the kapres and other dreadful creatures of the underworld . In this thread, some forumers recounted the grim stories of how they have been literally haunted by the dark, demonic forces of the unexplained.

While others, deprived of third eyes and encounters with ghosts, simply narrated stories of how their mommies turned into manananggals after seeing their report cards. 

The Search for the Stars

The Search for the Stars

Everyone knows that Ran Online: The Movie is going to hit the movie houses sometime in the future, and this thread was a survey to collect some ideas from players about who they think should be included in the cast. Some came up with serious suggestions, but some went too far and suggested personalities including politicians (jose de venecia, benjamin abalos ), talk show hosts(boy abunda, cristi fermin) and some comedians (tiya pusit, michael v). One even voluntered: pde ako nlng brawler kpatid ko swordsman ate ko shamn. A family of celebs! Cool! 

The Faces Behind the Flames and Spams! Haha. Just Kidding.

The Faces Behind the Spams! Haha. Just Kidding.

A complete and total forum favorite, the thread that boasts of 3591replies and 30908 views, houses the hundreds of faces that built our community, regardless of age, gender or game preference. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that some players find it necessary to have an idea of what their friends look like IRL, and we understand how much it means for them to mingle and socialize. Because ultimately, the sheer essence of a community is achieved by being able to be part of a group that you do not only see as online friends, but a group that you could always lean on during your life’s crises, a group to whom you could always share some real life smiles, a group you can always call – a family.