In the hope of promoting The Ancient Observer, and to get over with the silly A Friend in Shadows signature, Ive decided to make another signature, this one obviously named after my blog.

The background is taken from a screenshot I had on one of my Cabal GM character. If youre playing Cabal and you are keen enough to notice, the stance is that of the Wizard’s Battle Mode, a special skill that improves the character’s battle abilities by granting additional stats. In the the Wizard’s Battle mode animation, the Wizard musters magic out of his hands, hops into mid air, revolves 360 degrees, and releases magic into his surrounding in the form of an intense aura. I think the animation is cool, and with a hawt Goguryeo costume to complement the marvelous animation, the result is just worth capturing.

I wanted to make the signature look as neat and simple as possible, so I did just what it takes- cropped the image, added some text, placed a border, edited some blending options, pasted the lightning brushes and Voila! – in like 15 minutes I was able to come up with the Ancient Observer siggie. Easy as ABC!

Well, Im not much of a graphic artist or anything to begin with, but almost all of the signatures I have used, in all of forums I have been into, were all done by me. They wont say much compared to others made by professional artists, and neither will these poor siggies of mine rank any closer to those imba images in the majestic galleries of DeviantArt, but they were’nt created to compete with them anyways! :P . Just as long as my signature looks decent and is able to spread my message across, I think it would do fine, it’d work for me. :D

Observe.Understand.Accomplish. – The signature’s caption cannot be any more basic. Observing is an inherent human capability facilitated by all the powerful senses we have. Through this, we are able to gather so data from just about anything that we do. Understanding, the ability to perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of something is as important as getting information through observation. Unless we understand, we wont be able to make sensible, reasonable actions. Unless we understand, we’ll never grow. Accomplishing ,the last of the three, is to succeed in what we are doing. It also means the completion of one’s task. These terms are general, but special. (Since this article is only about the sig, i wont elaborate on this. :P )

So that’s it, just wanted to share the not-so-amazing story of my precious siggie.

Enjoy your day!