Ive been excessively amused by “Ang Spoiled”, a humorous segment in GMA-7’s Bubble Gang, which airs every Fridays after GMA Telebabad. Although I dont get to watch it live every Fridays, I always make sure I get to watch its most recent episode. through Youtube of course! :D

In “Ang Spoiled”, Michael V. comically portrays a domestic nanny who’s supposed to keep a spoiled brat under her custody but turns out to be mercilesly bullied by the oppressive and wicked Angelina, who often quotes the infamous expression “Whatever yaya, you’re such a loser!”

Although the segment somehow illustrates how inferior and understimated yaya’s are in our present-day society, you still wont be thinking much of that because youd be driven nuts by the hilarious impersonation of the characters and the ingenious schemes of the crooked brat. lol.

Here’s a video of one of its episodes (courtesy of youtube, oc):

I certainly think all the episodes are cool, and you should watch them all.

“Ang Spoiled” is such a winner. lol