We sure do know how important game updates are for our loyal e-gamers, and so we make sure that we bring you the latest updates in our game titles.

Just yesterday, September 3, Ran Online PH patched Episode 3-3 which included new maps, quests and monsters and the increase of level cap to level 200.

Logged below are the changes in Episode 3-3:

  • New Maps:
    • Head.B RightWall
    • Director Roo
    • Head.B U-ground
    • Another W South
    • Another W Centre
    • Another W North
  • New NPC’s:
    • Director
    • So Sung II
    • Seung Hee Yeon
    • Ji II Chung
  • New Monsters/Bosses:
    • Reflector
    • Sponge
    • Eraser
    • Geomancer
  • Level Cap Adjustment
    • Current Cap: 200.
  • New Quests (Recommended Levels: 190 Above):
    • Laboratory in underground
    • Investigation of Underground
    • Find Laboratory
    • Assembly of the eight signs of divinity
    • Secret of Freshman
    • Completion Favor of Seung Hee Yeon
    • Completion of the eight signs of divinity
    • Where the time stops 2
    • Activation of the eight signs of divinity
    • To Another World
    • Truth about the Director and the Ending
    • Investigation of the Artificial Heart Power Generator.
    • Test ability to execute

Happy Grinding Everyone!