Lately, news about the launch of Zhu Xian Philippines have been roaming around the mmo gaming circles, especially after hearing Beijing Perfect World Company’s official press release of a deal with the Philippines’ leading online gaming publisher IP e-Game Ventures for the exclusive distribution of the said game title.

Zhu Xian is actually the fourth MMORPG produced by Perfect World Co Ltd., a leading game developer and publisher in China, which has developed and has been distributing games through a “Free2Play” revenue model. And with such a company partnering with the Philippine’s foremost Free2play gaming company, it’s like there shouldn’t be any questioning-Zhu Xian PH would be published F2P, with an item mall complete with all the items a player would need and love.

The game is actually based on a popular internet novel, Zhu Xian, a fantasy-based, martials arts-inspired adventure novel which revolves around the story of eternal love . The novel was actually a hit among online readers, and much of the game’s content and features have been based on the it.

So what really is there to expect from Zhu Xian?

Well actually, there’s a lot . With e-Games PH’srelentless efforts to solidly own the online gaming market in the country, Zhu Xian promises to enhance the over-all online gaming experience of the Filipino players.

Here are some of Zhu Xian’s features that you may find interesting:

1. There are four available clans in Zhu Xian: the QingyunMen, Taoists good at wielding the sword and experts in melee combat; the TianyinSi,believers of Buddhism, trained casters of protective spells; the GuiwangZong clan, also good at casting buffs and are also able to use their bodies as medium for demon spirits; and the HehuanPai, evil creatures who have mastered the arts of debuffing.

2. No gender restriction for character classes/clans.

3. Crafting is done by learning craft skills, buying recipe/collecting materials.

4. Xhu Xian is very much quest-based, with lots of kinds of quests to accomplish.

5. Chinese mythology-based magical weapon system. Magical weapons are special weapons with their own spirit and develops as your character levels up.

6. Very detailed and spectacular 3D graphics.

7. A variety of mounts and pets to choose from.

Here’s a video trailer of Zhu Xian:

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