Such good people who have done their best to serve our community will long be forgotten, and CMVeya, GE PH’s matriarchal Community Manager is certainly one of them.

Formerly serving as a Game Master as GMCelestia, GMMorticia, GMNoir, GMTichiel and GMTritania, CMVeya climbed up the corporate ladder and became Granado Espada PH’s pioneering Community Manager, in the process laying the very foundations of the solid GE community we have today.

And as she reminisces, CMVeya recounts her most cherished memories as a Game Master in her blog, The Rebel Gamer (Lady Veya’s Musings) which you may find at this link:

CM Veya’s Blog

Although CMVeya chose to leave her office to pursue her own dreams, she promised to remain visible in the community by gracing our future gatherings and events.

“The good GMs are here to stay”, says GM Amethy, and although Lady V has bid goodbye for now, I believe her musings will continue to inspire gamers, young and old alike, to live and dream big in the mmo world.

Best of Luck CMVeya!