Days before I started creating the Ancient Observer, there was this very close friend of mine from college to whom i had short chit-chat with. I chose to tell her about my plans to create my own blog, although the blog is not entirely personal, and is actually work-related.

This friend of mine has her own personal blog, and she has been blogging for quite some time. I commented on her blog of how lovely her entries were, and that i would subscribe to it. :D

I was then (again) a newbie at blogging, and the Ancient Observer is actually my first attempt to weblog, that before signing up for an account in WordPress, i browsed through a lot of sites for blog suggestions- how they should look like, what they should contain and how to keep the visitors coming, just so that mine wouldnt look like a six-year old’s. :D

I told her that my blog would require some visitors. Well not really some, i need a lot of them haha(I need hits baby! ). It was during that time when she made a very provocative suggestion: “Why dont you write a story, a story with elements of SOFT PORN”. Haha, initially i laughed (i have to!), but i didnt break the conversation,

“And why should I do that? “, I said.

“Because youre good at writing such stuffs.”


“Yeah, I bet if you’ll write one, youll get thousands of hits. ”


And i was like- zOMfGWTfLOLz~!

I forgot to ask her what gave her the idea that i was good in weaving such tales, haha.

Good suggestion, But of course, i cant do that. XD