Walking my first steps in the e-Games GM office is quite an experience to remember. I was both excited and anxious way back then, and why wouldnt I be ? It’s the first time I’m going to see GMs in their human forms, all revealed and unprotected by the special powers they possess in-game.

I was then of course very much new to the online gaming profession, unlike my batchmate GMFaiga, who has already worked as a Game Master for two other gaming companies prior to her employment at e-Games. Wow, she’s been rocking the mmo scene when I was still burning eyebrows for calculus and software engineering! We’ll, this aint gonna be easy. :D

Actually, I was a noob to the professional world. I was a fresh graduate and this was my first job. And much like a freshman student at his first day at college, I had the very littlest idea of how things would go. :D

The first GM I’ve seen perhaps, was GM Heinzhummer (although at that moment I didn’t know he was Heinzhummer and I havent seen his face that much, he was going home :P ). Then, I’ve seen a couple of them, all uniquely dressed and positioned, of course busy with GM-related activities. They sure do look human, hehe.

[The Name]

I was then confronted by the first most important task- to think of a GM name, a name that most probably would be with me (whether I like it or not ) for the rest of my GM career. Necessity calls it so, that my name would exactly fit me. A GM name, is like an identification card you carry with you as you go tending to other player’s needs, but it doesnt necessarily spell your personality and the difference that you can make to the community as you perform your duties as a Game Master.

Instantly, my mind was filled with a lot of options and although I was able to narrow the list down to a few, my first few attempts to have my name approved was futile, Hahaha. I got my name after a number of complicated loops and turns , and I dont wanna talk about that. XD

[New Friends, New Home]

I had my first few lectures (read: introductions) about GM life given by GMBane (although again, at that time, I never knew was Bane, he doesnt wanna tell his name ~>.<~). He somehow related his story when he was a new GM a year ago, and how things run normally in the GM world.

The others were all cheerful and accommodating too, and in no time, i found myself surrounded by good people not only from Game Ops, but also from other departments. Right now, I know i already have friends in Product Management, Quality Assurance, HelpDesk, IT, HR, Sales and Distribution, and Marketing. W00t!

+|e-Games Family|Cabal Launch|Glorietta Activity Center|June 28 2008|+

+|e-Games Family|Cabal Launch|Glorietta Activity Center|June 28 2008|+


[Moving Forward and Being Welcomed…]

The moment my name got written into the official list of e-Games staff, the same time the forumers started to see a “GMRaven” edged in bloody marks in the active forum users, I’ve already got lots of pms from players- some were like “welcome to the community GMRaven! “, while others were like “GM help nmn po ung character ko na ban!, help, help help!.” The pms were numerous, and for the first month that ive started to become visible in the forums, I have received more than 500 pms. Whew!

As Community Game Masters, we are to work closely with the e-Games Community, and being graciously welcomed by players in-game is a great assurance for us that the community that we would serve accepts and respects our inclusion to the GM team.


The Fight Club Extreme with friends from the Legends guild~ :D

[Closing Statement]

I will forever mark my entry to the e-Games GM team with such significance for this has been my first few moments of finding a new family, a career path and a new life perspective. :D