It is said than as a door closes, a threshold to a new and more colorful experience as well opens. It has been a fruitful three-month period for the Ancient Observer, the blog that cradled my humble beginnings as a  novice blogger.

When I started the Ancient Observer, I was totally new to blogging. It was imperative that I get to learn the basics, there were so much things I had to understand and learn to do.

But then, after exposing myself to a number of blogs and through reading numerous novice guides, I was able to somehow get an idea of how blogs work, experience it myself and see its wonders in a different light, in a much more significant perspective.

I’m still nowhere close from being a problogger, but I am learning with each passing day. I know that somehow, someday in the future, Id be able to proudly identify myself as one.

As this would have to be the last entry for this blog, I’d like to welcome everyone to visit and patronize the Spirited Enchanter : GM Raven’s Incantations, which is linked below:


Tons of thanks to all those who took the time to read and reply. I will carry your thoughts as I move into a larger, more challenging space of thought .

This is GMRaven, signing off from the Ancient Observer.


Nung bata pa ko ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, magiging scientist ako. Haha! Ewan ko ba, pero simula pagkabata tuwang tuwa na ko sa mga kakaibang experiments ng Science. At hanggang ngayon naaalala ko pa na minsan sa buhay ko, pinangarap kong sundan ang yapak ng mga world-renowned na scientists na nakikita ko lng sa mga textbooks at encyclopedia noon – sila Curie, Einstein, Newton, Galileo at silang mga others na kung tawagin ay mamaw sa larangan ng agham. Hindi ko sigurado kung mararanasan kung maging isang siyentipiko kahit mnsan sa buhay ko, pero masarap na alalahanin na pinangarap kong maging alagad ng agham, at habang buhay kong  ipagmamalaki kahit kanino, hanggang sa mga mga kaapu-apuhan ko, ang mga 98 at 1.00 sa mga science subjects sa report cards at transcript of record ko  (haha, ang yabang!).


Minsan sa buhay ko (at kahit hanggang ngayon) pinangarap ko ring maging isang writer. Kapag lumaki kang kasa kasama ang sandamakmak na libro, imposibleng hindi mo makilala at hindi maging idol ng buhay mo ang mga pinakamalulufhet na writers ng mundo, na kahit matagal ng kinain ng lupa ang mga katawan ay patuloy pa ring binababasa ng mga bata at matatanda. At mas lalo sa panahon ngayon na kung sinu-sinung mga writers na ang lumalabas kung saan saan, mahirap bilanggin kung gaano kadami na ang mga manunulat na nakakapagiwan ng kani-kanilang inspirational stories at pananaw sa buhay. Pero sa kanilang lahat, hindi ko maaring makalimutan ang mga salita, aral at kwento na napulot ko kila Edgar Allan Poe, J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Bob Ong, Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham at Dan Brown.

Writing is a form of free expression. Para saken,  hindi importante kung gaano kahusay ang writing skills mo, kung gaano kalalim ang vocabulary mo, kung gaano ka katinik sa grammar,  o kung ilang seminars at workshops sa Creative Writing ang nakuha mo. At mas lalong hindi ganun kahalaga kung gaano karami ang maiimpluwensyahan ng mga sinulat mo. Hanggat nagagawa mong sabihin ang nasasaloob mo sa pagagamitan ng pagsusulat, pwede mo nang tawagin ang sarili mong isang writer, at mangarap na balang araw, kahit papano, na mababasa ng mas maraming tao ang kung anu man ang tumatakbo sa loob ng utak mo.




Some great new GE Pioneers!

E-Games has finally launched the E-points to G-points conversion system which would allow you to buy Epoint cards and convert it to G-Points.

The process is actually easy to understand, you just log-in to the E-games portal and follow some quick-to-learn steps to get your Gpoints loaded.

If you wanna see the full guide to the EP-GP Conversion process you can follow this link.

Have a nice day!

Lol. Its been barely two weeks when Master Zhu and his student Xian debutted with their lip-sync version of The Eye of the Tiger. But the repressed artists in them cannot hold on enough not to shoot another vid. And as their own journey to immortality continues, in their search for the true powers of ZhuXian (Shinngg!), here they are again in ZhuXian: Episode 1, with another bunch of extra artists at the side, haha!

Shedding their talents in the video as well are e-Games CM Jes, CGM Hanya and ZhuXian CM Mei Yan. :3

And these ZhuXian videos arent very much scripted, I must say. Once, I overheard Cabal CM Psybot saying that the videos were taken because wla lng napagtripan lng. hehe

Anyway, just tune in for Zhu Xian Episode II. :D

Who knows, I just might have my own shining moment (or something like that, haha!) .

At times I would wander in the vastness of nowhere in search of cooler things to experience. A walk in a park or in a unique, colorful place, is always a refreshing thing to do, a powerful destress. This is fairly essential, I must admit, in the life of a Game Master, as a weekly trip to somewhere nice and comfy could mean sheer moments of concentration and purification ( and I swear I was badly in need of some ).

But like always, doing the same thing and going to the same place over and over again is boringness at its best (lol), and boringness just dont run my life :P .  And so I’ve decided, that this time, I’ll stroll the world with a companion , and I literally thanked heavens, for I think I’ve just met the coolest pet of my life, haha!

Meet Carlo. The cutest Ranny Bear you will ever find.

Born in the New World where everything is magical and pure, cutesy carlo sprang forth into existence in a  wonderful fashion, but his origin was too sacred that even I, his master, cannot publicly disclose. =P

Nevertheless, he deserves a normal life, notwithstanding the unusual circumstances that surround his birth. At one point, the world is in dire need of the cuteness that abound in this creature, and so ive decided that the world should know of his existence, and  took him for a walk in a place he would most probably enjoy – in the verdant glades of the Mystic Peak Campus.


There always are a lot of things going on around e-Games, be it in-game, in the forums, or even in the e-Games office, and so discussions about everything e-games simply never end.

Some fast and random updates on several things:

Just last Saturday, the the Girl Gamers’ Meeting was held right here at our office in Makati.

Altogether with CMJes, GMFaiga and GMPhryzea: the Girl Gamers are on the loose!

In the focus group discussion, some of the concerns of our girl gamers were voiced out, while the community game masters, together with CM Aethrin and e-Games CM Jes clarified some of these issues and added some updates on the events and happenings in our games. Composing most of the attendees are Ran, Cabal and Granado Espada players.

Our girl gamers in the focus group discussion

One of the most significant agenda of the FGD was to hear about what they have to say about our games and about themselves – their playing style, their various gaming preferences and most importantly, their suggestions for the improvement of our games.

And of course, no e-Games event is held without freebies. The girl gamers who have sacrificed their precious rest days were given cd installers, posters and some cool in-game items. Here’s a pic with the CGMs happily distributing some give-aways:

And again, they’ve asked for the GM Signatures

We would be conducting FGDs again in the future, so better watch out for the announcements.

More e-games updates, after the break.


In the final clash between the top two Ran teams in the world, the whole of SMX Convention Center stood watching in gleeful excitement as Team Philippines and Team Malaysia battled it out in the championships match.

And then it began. Team Pinas took out the first win in the best-of-five championships match, energizing the crowd the very instant.

And then the second match followed. In a swift 30-second* battle , the flawless strategy that took Team PH to their current spot proved fatal, pwning the four competitors dead in the ground, ensuring them a very nice lead, and reinforcing the wild cheers which dominated the hall.

The third match so ensued with too much anticipation of Team PH’s victory, but ended up otherwise. The representatives from Malaysia certainly did not leave their precious land unprepared – they weren’t here for vacation anyway, they were here for an intense fight.

And quite surely, for their second straight victory (in the fourth match), they showed the whole spectators and all of the Philippine Ran community that Team Malaysia is a force to be reckoned with. They are after all, the Assassin GRGL team, both feared and respected in the realm of Ran Online Malaysia. Heinous assassins, in their very own rights.

So the championship battle went 2-2.

All for the glory of this

The fifth and final match occured therefore. And in the battle that decided everything, hearts stopped and breathings paused. Philippines had the first casualty, but they were able to knockdown one of the enemies to safely bring the match into three against three. And so, the final match took its course…

But then, it was fated. With the final blows delivered, the last spells casted… with the ultimate swing of the sword, and with that winning assault of the arrow, team Philippines rose triumphant, sending all into a marvelous frenzy for a well-earned victory.